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315 - Two story Country house and 2 large Pajeros (old canary cottage) in a extraordinary spot! - Garafia

Two story Country house and 2 large Pajeros
in the north of La Palma in the Garafía area.
The overall view is spectacular!!!

site approx.: 40.000 m²

Two story Country house and 2 large Pajeros in the midst of an overwelming landscape!
This local style finca is located on the north coast of La Palma in an exquisite and secluded rural spot. You will fall in love with this breathtaking spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains.
  • the 2 story house has 77 m²
  • the first pajero has 61 m²
  • the second pajero has 41 m²
  • prepaired building site
  • water reservoir 40.000 liter
  • aljibe 40 m² (old watertank, you could use it as a pool
    or convert it into a bodega/ wine cellar with another room on top).
  • huge biological garden with all fruits you can imagine!
    such as: apricots, avocados, pears, apples, different varieties of
    oranges, blackberries, chiremoyas, figgs, almonds, feijoa, granades,
    grapefruit, nisperos, kakis, cherries, kiwis, mulberries, mirabelles,
    peaches, plums, pomelos, guavas, greengages, white sapotes,
    walnuts,wine, lemons and others! Can you think off something else?
  • registered in CRAE (BIO- certificat)
  • automatic irrigation
  • electricity, water, telephone, ADSL
Everything you need for your dream home!

Reverenz: 315

   Personen: bis    Schlafzimmer:     400.000,- Euros